Saturday, October 26, 2019

Pink and Red all over

Utah is one of my most favorite states and the Kanab area especially as it is central to the views I love the best.  All the red rock formations and canyons to climb and photograph that just draw me in like a magnet.  Each time I'm here I find new areas to explore.

This time was the Coral Pink Sand Dunes.  After seeing the Sand Dunes in Colorado, I was curious to compare them and to see if they were indeed "pink".  Well, I wasn't disappointed, they indeed were pink, and depending on the sun, they can go from light to a dark red.  The biggest difference I found, was how soft the sand was - almost like baby powder!  I just wanted to run my hands through it all the time, but it sure made walking through it quite a challenge I can say!  ;-)

The other difference too, is this is for dune buggy and motorbike riding, while the Colorado Sand Dunes were not.  There were areas here where people slide down as well, but not like in Colorado.  These are not nearly as high and more suited for the driving sports.  They were fun to watch.  I was envious and wished I was 30 years younger and out there with them!  Good for them...

While driving back from the sand dunes, we spotted a fenced in spot that caught my eye, that I just had to stop and see what all was in there!  It looked like a small totem was standing guard over an enclosed pond area.  Very cool looking.  I did a little internet snooping and found out that this used to be a campground once, but got closed down by the fish & game due to some ducks on the pond eating a snail (Amber Snail/endangered species).  The totem is actually made of cement...but sure looks like it's carved out of local stone, even after all these years...sure was a pretty little area, maybe it paid to fence it all off!

Catching up in Arizona,  Marie

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