Monday, April 9, 2012

For the love of Lighthouses...

Like so many others, I love lighthouses. I'm not sure why, or when my fascination for them began, I just know that if there is one within 100 miles of where we are, I want to go see it. It's not so much the inner workings or the "keepers area & cottage" but more the grand stateliness of them. I love looking at them and of course, photographing them. It's always a fun challenge I give myself to see if I can really capture it in a unique or special way.

Because of this, I "encourage" Jack to take us to every town possible that has a lighthouse! One such place was Pensacola Florida. We had "come close" to it en route to Sarasota, when we stayed in Milton, but not close enough to get to the lighthouse. Now that we had more time, I "encouraged" Jack to route us through there, siting that Pensacola also was the home of the Blue Angles, and all that "military stuff". He was wise to me, and just smiled and said he would take me to the lighthouse, we didn't need to go see any of the "other stuff". My hero. One of the things we have to always keep in mind though, is that most lighthouses were built out on a point with a small road leading up to them and getting a large mortorhome to them wasn't part of the street planning, even when "tourists" were part of the equation years later. We made a phone call and inquired about the riggers of getting to & from it and parking and was assured it "was done all the time". Phew! Once there, I thought her remarks were a bit exaggerated, but Jack was able to handle it all, and we had a great time visiting a beautiful old first "black & white one!

If you wish to view the rest of the photos from this trip, you can at my Flickr account at:

...on the road in Florida, Marie

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