Sunday, April 1, 2012

What do you call a "forest"?

What's your idea of a "forest"? Mine, having grown up in southern California, has always been "mountains with pine trees", along with their heavenly scent, and various pine cones. Sure, Scrub Oaks too, but you get the picture. Florida has pines - but they are called "Sand Pines". They also have plenty of Cypress, Live Oak, & Palm Trees, all hanging with beautiful moss (& not on mountains). Their forest smells clean vs pine...that I so looked forward to...that always meant "camping" or "picnic" to me.

I must admit tho, that the Florida forest is lush & green with it's own unique beauty to enjoy. It's also been a joy to listen and see to the different birds (including the beautiful Northern Cardinal!) they have here.

We (finally) had the opportunity to camp overnight in one of their national parks, the Ocala National Park, and it was wonderful. We stayed at their Salt Springs Campground where they have a natural spring rising from vertical fissures (cracks) from deep within the earth. The presence of potassium, magnesium and sodium salts give the waters in the spring a slight salinity. Hence the name Salt Springs. The place was quiet, peaceful and truly beautiful. I only wish we could have stayed longer. We seem to find these "beauties" when we have "appointments" we are trying to get to! Oh well, one day of bliss is better than none! Here's a small sample...

If you wish to view the rest of the photos from this trip, you can at my Flickr account at:

...on the road in Florida, Marie

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