Monday, April 9, 2012

Two Days in Tallahassee

Day 1 - Arriving late in the morning & after setting up at the RV park, not to much time was left in the day, so we decided to go check out the Automobile Museum just down the street. What a surprise that turned out to be!

This gigantic, two floor museum was a privately owned collection by DeVoe Moore, who has amassed hundreds of cars including a 1948 Tucker Torpedo and several "Batmobiles" from the movies. But that's not all, he had rows of Case knives, old cash registers, adding machines, old golf clubs, baseball bats & memorabilia, some rare art decorated Steinways as well as a myriad of other things that caught his fancy. It was like an organized obsessed collector that his wife told him to "get it all out of the house", so he decided to share it with the public. We were glad he did, it was pretty incredible, albeit, unusual.

We then headed downtown to see if we could still catch a little of the area's offerings - but ran into their "Spring Festival" street fair. By the time we found parking and walked over it was closing up. With all the crowd, you couldn't get to the Capitol or take any decent pictures, so it would have to wait for day two. We did, however, find a great Bar-B-Que restaurant...umm mm, the south sure does know how to do it right!

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...on the road in Florida, Marie

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