Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Orleans Part 1 Continued: Happy Easter!

As one would guess, "Easter" in New Orleans is anything but traditional! Keeping with their love of parades, they didn't have just one, they had 3, and that was just in the French Quarter! Each very colorful and different from one another.

The first parade, at 9:30am and was the Historic FQ Easter Parade and ended in time for the 11am Mass. These were "Society" ladies parading in Carriages & Convertibles, tossing out stuffed animals, toys, candy & beads as their "swag".

Chris Owens Easter Parade in the French Quarter was at 1pm. Ms Owens is the Grand Duchess of the Easter Parade in New Orleans, and has been for 29 years. She was dressed in her personally designed Easter ensemble, complimented by her beautiful and exotic Easter bonnet. The Duchess led the annual Easter Parade with family and friends, who was also dressed in their best Easter attire.

The parade was complete with colorful floats, marching bands, beads, Easter trinkets, and plenty of eager revelers.

They saved the "best" for last, the New Orleans Gay Parade at 4:30pm! By this time the "audience" was more than ready for fun and greedy for even more swag! They weren't disappointed as plenty of beads, bangles and small stuffed animals were eagerly thrown into the crowd. Jack really scarfed up as he yelled to them how great they looked and wished them a Happy Easter! ;-)

It was almost as much fun watching the locals "parade" that day, in their Easter finest. Families all dressed up, men in their summer suits, women with pretty summer dresses and matching hats & shoes, and the little ones so cute in ruffles, hats & little suits! It was like watching a movie; we just don't normally see that in good ol' Southern California! All in all, it was a very special Easter, one we won't ever forget!

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...kicking back in Louisiana, Marie

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