Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Orleans! Part 1 Continued: Images...

Out and about in NOLA! (That's the acronym they use for New Orleans LA, it's printed on just about everything!) The French Quarter is a photographer's dream. If you like people shots, there is every kind from cute to crazy. If you like architecture, they have the gambit from the very very old to the new, from falling down to the refurbished and all the color & decoration you can imagine! If you like art, they have it everywhere, on the streets, along sidewalks, next to buildings, under, over & on top of just about anything they can find to attach it to! If you like landscape & flowers, they tuck plants and flowers where ever they can...and the magnolia trees are just about everywhere, and were starting to bloom! See? A paradise, so you can imagine how I felt, carrying my wonderful new red camera around, snapping away. It took us forever to get from one block to the next as I would yell to Jack to "stop! Just look at that door!" (or "balcony" or "building" get the idea).

It looked as if they had a couple of "themes" going as well, but couldn't quite get them going. One was small painted coffins (I thought that was a bit weird myself, but I guess they thought they would play up their reputation, and it's a "bigger canvas") of which we only saw a couple. The other were these funny looking dogs, again, we only saw a couple. "Sponsor" info or "message" info wasn't prevalent, so hard to say what either of them were all about...but of course, I took pictures of them!

Here's a sampling...if you want to indulge, there's lots & lots more on my Flickr account!

...kicking back in Louisiana, Marie

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